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9 AM

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Textured Glazes with Todd

Todd Hickerson will offer a hands-on workshop featuring Mayco’s new Magma and Mudcrack glazes, along with Cobblestone and Crystal Glazes. These unique textured glazes give cracked or cratered surfaces, that are ideal for sculptural or decorative pottery. The surfaces range from "snakeskin" to "lava rock" textures.

Mark Issenberg

Our Love for Handles: How to Get a Grip

There are many different ways to make handles. Mark Issenberg will demonstrate various methods, starting with pulling handles on thrown mugs and altered pitchers. He will show how he uses wooden tools from Mecca to make handles for slab trays, and he will demonstrate throwing handles on the wheel for vases and platters.

Zach Sierke and Gregory Miller

Native Grounding: A Denmark-USA Collaboration

Zach and Gregory will share how they worked together on similar issues, comparing processes and results from afar. Zach will share what it's like to visit Denmark from Alabama, comparing clays and cultures, and historical backgrounds of pottery communities in both places. Learn what happens when potters collaborate and inspire each other to go beyond.

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