We are Accepting Workshop Proposals!

We have a limited number of times and locations for presentations by various talented artists and teachers. Consider adding your generous voice, talent and time to the 2020 Alabama Clay Conference!

What we Want and What we Give

Presenters must be registered for the conference.
Presentations may be scheduled on days before, during or after the conference (February 27-March 1).
Depending on the nature of your presentation, it might be off-site: 2 miles from the Perdido Beach Resort.
Presenters must secure their workshop materials and tools.
Presenters will be reimbursed for items that are consumed or become property of the Alabama Clay Conference.
We are looking for FOUR types of proposals:

  1. Hands-On or Interactive: 1.5 hours (We pay $200 plus up to $50 materials with receipts.)

  2. Lecture, Talk, Demo: 1 Hour (We pay $100 and provide a data projector. The presenter is responsible for their own computer /tablet/iPad and adapter for VGA or HDMI connection.)

  3. Tour or Excursion: 4-8 Hours (We pay $200.)

  4. Promotional: 1 Hour (We do not pay. We welcome information on your program, for which you receive free time and space to “sell” your opportunity, classes, special equipment or materials to others.)

Deadline: August 31, 2019 at midnight

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This would be the PUBLISHED description, or synopsis, of your presentation. Please write in the third person, use your name, and "sell" your presentation in 50 words or fewer.
Here you may tell us in great detail your plan or ideas
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We may not be able to accommodate complicated set-ups.. Help the selection committee help you!