Special Programming for College Students
during the Alabama Clay Conference 2018  

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Let's just get put out here right now.
College students are the future of clay in Alabama.

By the time you are in college, you either have the "bug" or you don't. If you do, you will be forever helpless to resist, and yet...you will have to likely face some big choices between your passion and your coin purse.

Did you read the mission of the Clay Conference? Here it is again, and this time we have "bolded" the things of meaning to you. Students of today will bring ceramics to youth in the future.

The Alabama Clay Conference (ALCC), as an initiative of the Alabama Craft Council, serves practitioners and students of the ceramic arts. The conference celebrates and promotes the unique flavor of ceramics in Alabama by offering a balance of exhibition and educational programs intended to increase professionalism, inform technique, and inspire artistic expression of all participants.

So, what is the Alabama Clay Conference doing about this mission? How are we going to help students enjoy making art and point them in a direction of making a living while keeping in touch with clay? There are many solutions, and you must choose or invent the best one for you. Meanwhile...

 Special pricing and volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities usually fill first by college students. Your professor will help you get the most rock-bottom price that ALCC34 can afford to give, and volunteering might mean you get to work with a featured guest presenter if you wish.

Free Workshops

It was decided early on by the Steering Committee, that workshops during the main two days would be FREE. This was a decision directly based on student needs and feedback from past years. We need to cover our expenses and address the needs of students.


Each year we celebrate students and their mentors by hosting an exhibition of ceramic work from professors and their choice of students from local and statewide institutions of higher learning.

Participants' Exhibition

We want to see your work. You ARE a participant! Bring one piece to show and share in the exhibition. You might win a "people's choice" award and gain free entry to ALCC in 2020.

Possible Internships

Make connections at the conference. You never know where they might lead or what doors they will open!

Take Charge

Last year, we enlisted two college students to help the Steering Committee plan publicity for the Conference. Nothing like an Instagram wizard and a graphic designer to help make things happen!

Who is a Student?

You are considered a student if you are currently enrolled in an official accredited college or university. Adults involved in group studios or private lessons must pay the full registration cost. Discounts are available for adults who volunteer during the conference. See the volunteer page to learn how you can save on registration costs.

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Sponsored University Student Groups

Student registration is deeply discounted for students personally sponsored by their professor who is also attending the conference. Students interested in this option must have your professor include you in the group list. Each professor is welcome to register up to 6 students at this very special rate.

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*Price is contingent upon signing up to volunteer using Sign- Up Genius. Includes Creating Your Career Package.

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