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Steering Committee Registration
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Steering Committee Members are all volunteers. We work all year long at varying levels depending on the time of year. We usually serve three year terms, although several have led for many (MANY!) years. For new Steering Committee members, the first year is fairly light as members become familiar with the overall needs of the conference. The second year is spent in a strong leadership position. The third year is a specific area assignment. Members are not elected, they are invited based on degrees of networking and interests expressed in person.

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Volunteer Registration

We are always looking for leadership. Check in at the Information desk for a form where you can identify your interest areas. Otherwise, please find a steering committee member and let us know if you are interested in becoming more involved. We are especially looking for leaders for the conference in 2022, possibly in Birmingham.

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Anyone is welcome, strongly encouraged and much appreciated if you would make a tax-deductible donation of any amount. We accept $10 and up. Please visit the donation page here.