Pre-Conference Workshop with Lora Rust

Thursday, February 21st from 10am-4pm

($25/person, Limit: 25 participants)


Exploring Alterations of Surface and Form


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Working in porcelain, Lora will throw a variety of forms – altering, assembling and decorating the pieces using her signature technique and creating patterns on the clay surface using her personally designed tools.  She will explore ideas about design, pattern and composition, discussing the relationship of surface texture to the form.  She will demonstrate some glazing and finishing techniques to maximize surface texture.

In all versions of the workshops, students will be able to try out her unique texturing technique on a small sample slab, using some of Lora’s tools. Although Lora’s base forms will be thrown on the wheel, hand-builders are welcome and can enjoy learning the texturing process.

Workshops are open to all levels of all clay workers including Throwers, Hand Builders and Sculptors