Be in the KNOW for YOUR Conference!

Download the Conference Schedule Here

Materials lists for workshops are posted on the Conference web site at:
If you signed up for a workshop, please check – we may need you to bring some “stuff!”

The Gallery Hop on Friday evening is posted at: refreshments will be served at each venue, but they might not add up to free supper. We included one local restaurant, but there are many others in town.

Participate! Bring Art and Objects!

1. Mug Exchange Saturday night at 9:00 PM. This is a big mug trade, and always a fun part of the conference. Show us your best mug.

2. Georgine Clarke Scholarship Fund – This is a silent Auction that raises funds so students may attend the conference at super-discounted rates.

3. CERF Raffle – The Craft Emergency Relief Fund supports artists working in craft disciplines during times of disaster. No one is immune! Bring something wonderful to donate and we will raffle it. Bring some cash to donate, receive a ticket, and see what you win. (must be present to win),

4. Empty Bowls – Bring a bowl to donate. This year your piece will benefit First Stop, a Huntsville-based organization dedicated to eradicating homelessness.

5. Participant Exhibition – you could win free registration to the conference next year! Show your work. We want to see what you are doing these days!

6. Tool Swap – what do you have hanging around that you don't use in your studio? Your trashy tool may be someone else’s treasure. Let’s trade!

Things Happen…such as the flu: If you are ill, please stay home.

Hotel: If you need to cancel your hotel room, please contact Dawn Railey at the Embassy Suites at (334) 551-4037. She can keep your room in our Conference block in case someone else chooses to book. If you cancel on your own, we will lose our 

Registrations: At this point, refunds are not possible from the Clay Conference. We have turned in our numbers and are obligated to pay all bills and fees based on your registration.

Courtesy: Please give us all the “silent treatment” when in the main presentation hall. The featured presenters are THE show and we all want to hear what they have to say.

ArTee ParTee! If you did not purchase a Conference T-shirt, never fear, we will still show you how to modify yours! Come to The main Presentation Hall where we will cut, tie, and sew until our statement is MADE! All conference participants are invited…even if you don’t  get up on the runway!

Map to Parking Deck.jpg

Parking Secrets to Save you Money. The Embassy Suites parking lot will cost you $14 a day. If you unload your bags at the hotel, and then park in the deck about ½ a block away, you may get away with FREE parking. That’s because it is free on the weekends…so you can park all day on Friday, just don't move your car, and then exit on Saturday or Sunday. Go out the hotel doors, turn left, go out to the street in front of the Train Station, turn left again and it will be right in front of you. Don't tell them we sent you!


Map to Riversfront wall.jpg

Walk Along, Talk Along: Here’s a deal for those with restless feet! On Friday from 3-4 Tara Sartorius will be giving a talk about the creation of her outdoor mural at the riverfront. It will be a whirlwind talk, immediately followed by a walk to see the mural in person. While attendance at her talk is limited by room size, we can ALL walk together. It’s only 5 minutes (she timed it the other day) and the Riverfront is lovely.  Wear comfortable shoes and walk with us. Meet at the hotel door at 3:30. We’ll be back by 4.