K-12 Educators

The Alabama Clay Conference 2018 is a Professional Development and Field trip Opportunity!

This is the first year the Alabama Clay Conference will invite up to 30 students at a time to experience a one-hour visit to the Alabama Clay Conference. Teachers of students in grades 9-12  are strongly encouraged to:

1) Take a day off school (by planning and scheduling a Professional Development day) on Friday, February 16 and attend the whole conference all weekend long


2) (Field Trip Registration is now closed) 

Since Field Trip seating is a new idea for the Alabama Clay Conference, space will limited to 30 during each available hour, and there are only two scheduled hours. Sign up as soon as possible!

3) Sign up for the Saturday Clay in the Classroom and Community professional development program.
See details here.

Please contact us at info@alclayconference.org if you have questions or new brilliant ideas to share. We enjoy hearing from you.