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Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to the 34th Annual Alabama Clay Conference.

We are so glad that you'll be joining this year in Jacksonville, Alabama, "Gem of the Hills"!

To celebrate the spirit of education for Ceramists of all levels and experience, the 2019  Alabama Clay Conference will be held in the Leone Cole Auditorium at Jacksonville State University, with presentations, workshops, and exhibitions all conveniently taking place just a short stroll across the beautiful campus.

Our Featured Presenters, Richard Burkett (wheel thrown/altered/assembled forms), Julia Galloway (sgraffito/china painted/porcelain), Lisa Clague (hand-built/figurative sculpture), and Liz Zlot Summerfield (slab-built/underglaze decorated/red clay) all represent the top of the field in their respective approaches to working with clay. 

Whether you're a a wheel thrower, hand builder, decorator, or sculptor, you're bound to pick up some awesome tips and tricks from this dynamic group of Presenters!

In addition, we will be offering several mini-presentations, lectures, and hands-on workshops that take advantage of the Ceramics Facilities available to us at Jacksonville State University.

In creative possibilities, we celebrate you...and us - all together!

The Steering Committee for the Alabama Clay Conference 2019