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Greetings, Friends of Fire, Earth and Water!

Welcome to the 33rd Annual Alabama Clay Conference.

We are delighted you are here, already attending, with interest, our brand new web site. YOU are included in the word "our." You are us; we include you; it's all one mix.

The Clay Conference Steering Committee began planning for this moment before last year's conference was over. An event of this scale takes that long, and it takes that much effort by people from all over the State of Alabama.

What's new this year? FOUR Featured Presenters, expanded workshop possibilities, organized field trips, a one-stop conference venue, and....drumroll please...a lower basic registration price! With some savings at the start, we hope you might attend some specialized and focused workshops that will help expand your creativity and further your professional confidence.

Ceramic artists are great at making the most of what we have in front of us. We make connections, we embrace new ideas, we work at play and play at work; clay is one of the most healing and uplifting media, and most of us are hopelessly in love with the material, the process, and the magic. 

Please explore this web site as much as possible, and bring your heart forward to learn and share. Have some laughs, take some things seriously, step out of your comfort zone, make some new friends, buy a piece of art, purchase a new tool or two, share some trade secrets, and then get back to that studio and put it all to the good.

In creative possibilities, we celebrate you...and us - all together!

The Steering Committee for the Alabama Clay Conference 2018


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