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Friday and Saturday, February 27 and 28



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All workshops with Featured Presenters will occur in: PBR - Sandcastle Two.

Jennifer Allen

Friday, 2/28, 10-11:30
Flat to Fat: 2D templates for 3D Forms

In this workshop participants will create flat templates for various slab-constructed pottery forms. Like patterns designed by dressmakers, these paper templates will ultimately aid in making multiples. Participants will walk away with a library of new patterns to reuse in their home studios.

Steve Loucks

Friday, 2/28, 2:30-4:00 PM
Put a Lid on It
Steve will demonstrate a variety of ways to make lids from the common wheel-thrown, sit on top lid with a flange, to an inset slab lid for an altered form, to a wavy cut-out line style lid, and several more. He will then help participants make lids of their choice as time permits.

Shadow May

Saturday, 2/29, 10-11:30
Fold, Wrinkle, Bend
Attendees will engage in making hand-thrown slabs and manipulate them into hollow forms that can be incorporated with thrown pots. We will collaborate as a group, using different techniques of folding, wrinkling, and bending clay to make one dynamic work of art.

Naomi Clement

Saturday, 2/29, 2:30-4:00
Creating a Layered Surface
In this hands-on session, Naomi will demonstrate how she decorates her work using colored underglazes and slips at the leather hard stage, showing students how to use simple paper resists to create pattern and achieve a layered surface. Participants will then get the chance to try these fun and easy methods for themselves on leather hard tiles. Experimentation and questions will be encouraged!

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Featured Presenter Workshops
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