Donor & Sponsorship Opportunities

Donors and sponsors include a diverse group of corporations, businesses, and individuals who want to lend their monetary support to help the Alabama Craft Council thrive. Your tax-deductible donation today helps the Alabama Craft Council continue bringing craft artists together to share their knowledge and passion keeping the rich craft traditions of Alabama alive, yet continually evolving. A sponsorship to the ACC is good for the arts and the community and it makes good business sense.

The Alabama Craft Council serves a wide and diverse community providing professional development opportunities for local and regional craft artists, educators, and students so they may pursue their talents and interests and share their creative works with the general public. These artists, educators and students fill galleries, teach classes, staff and participate in Alabama Clay Conferences, Alabama Clay Markets, and volunteer at many artistic endeavors across Alabama.

The Alabama Clay Conference brings in hundreds of visitors and guests from many local and surrounding cities, counties, and states. They come to support the arts and artists and enjoy the cultural activities that the Alabama Clay Conference provides that serve to improve their quality of life. Their economic impact to our local economy is substantial.

An important educational component of the conference is its impact on the individuals attending and the teachers who take back what they learn to their students, thus spreading the techniques and newly acquired knowledge to many other individuals. We also bring in the outside highly qualified presenters to broaden the perspectives of the attendees.

Tips on Deducting Charitable Contributions can be found at If you have questions, please consult a tax professional and download IRS Publication 526: Charitable Contributions that provides the latest guidelines on what charitable contributions can and cannot be deducted from your taxes.

Choose what you are able to pay, and don't run out of clay!

Pinchy Potter $10
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Zen Centerer $100
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Coil Collector $20
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Amphora Galora $200
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FabSLABricator $30
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High Fire Hottie $500
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Glossy Glazer $50
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Perfect Potter $1,000
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